Welcome to The Porch of Lido (Lidos veranda)!

This year, we at Konditori Lido have had the privilege of opening a brand-new café located at Gävle Camping.
We will be offering sandwiches, cakes, pastry, ice cream, sweets, the evening paper and lighter meals such as hotdogs and grilled toasts, and much, much more. All our products are homemade and we produce everything ourselves at the bakery located in the heart of Gävle, something we have been doing since 1954 and we are extremely proud of the quality of our products.
The new café will be open every day between 1/5 – 30/9.

If you are looking for something more to still your hunger, we have an extraordinary café called Böna Café, located at the bay of Bönan (Bönaviken) just one kilometre from Gävle Camping, where we are serving some steadier dishes. The café itself is an old fishing camp and we have left some traces of the past, for the sake of the nostalgic atmosphere.

Back in the 40’s, there were steamboats crossing the bay, offering people transport to Böna Hotell, which later became Böna Café, and the very same landing stage the steamboats used is still intact, something customers may want to visit after enjoying a lovely meal at our café. If you are interested in the history of the café, there are paintings of the old hotel which might give you a blast from the past.

If you have time to spare, do visit the majestic lighthouse in Bönan. If you are to visit Gävle, please stop by our nostalgic café, which has been preserved since the grand opening in the early 50’s, located at Södra Kungsgatan 10, or if the weather allows, our open-air café located at the plaza of Gävle.

For more information, feel free to stop by any of our cafés or please visit our website at www.konditorilido.se. You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram.

We bid you a hearty welcome!
Konditori Lido.