Culture and History

The area Engesberg, or as it spelled historically Ängesberg,  is situated on culturally historic ground and goes back to the 1600’s, which make this campsite one of the oldest in Sweden.

At Engesberg and its surroundings you will find:

Customs house and &Ängesbergs chalet
Ryssängen (Russian meadow)
Tältängen or  Köksträdgården (Tent meadow or Kitchen garden)

The Lime tree Lizzy

In the area we have a lime-tree which is over 100 years old. It is protected by law, and is the community’s first significant memorial from nature (1923.)

Joe Hill at Engesberg

Large parts of the old house where Joe Hill grew up in Gävle were torn down in the 60’s but the family house where he was born was moved to Engesberg and restored and maintained.

At Engesbergs Camping you can now stay in that cottage which we have  inherited for future generations!

You can also visit the Joe Hill museum situated in Old Gavle.

History of Joe Hill

The history of Joe Hill, is about Joe Hägglund from Gefle, born 1879 who emigrated to US at the age of 23.

Under the name of Joseph Hillström, shortened to Joe Hill, he organized strikes, acted for IWW and wrote some worker and protest songs. Many of the songs made him famous among the American working class and amongst immigrants and the unemployed.  He became a legend for syndicalists and union activists in the USA..

In 1914 he was accused of  murder in Salt Lake City, and was sentenced to death, even though the evidence was poor. The Swedish Government pleaded for mercy but to no avail.